Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dutch Treat rides again!
May 31 - June 3rd.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


My last  store of the year.  Grand opening in Lebanon Oregon.  Number 264.  Word on the street is I get to go to Loveland,  Denver and Colorado Springs next year.  All have to do it on a new bike.  I think Moose has taken his last ride.

Lincoln city

It was difficult to get this photo.  Selling coffee like nobody's business.  Lincoln City.  #dutchtreatride #dutchbroscoffee #dutchbros 

We're getting close!

Finally!  A store with slow traffic and I could talk with the crew.  Silverton is #262.  #dutchtreatride #dutchbroscoffee #dutchbros 


As has been the case this whole trip, Dutch Bros. is selling a boat load of coffee.  Barely had time to take this picture.  107 Molalla Abe in Oregon City.  #dutchtreatride #dutchbroscoffee #dutchbros 


My 260th store.  The Lloyd Blvd  coffee house is sweet!


Kyle was my barista in Monmouth.  DB259 in E. Vancouver.


7300 Hwy 99 Vancouver
257, Battle Ground, WA.  Thanks, Savannah!!

My first Big Ride

15 years ago today I completed my first Bun Burner Gold.   A BBG requires you to ride 1500 miles in under 24 hours.  Mass Gold walls and organized ride hosted by a group of Raleigh masters known for their unorthodox rally formats in Nevada.   I know I get thanks to the Cognoscenti Group for introducing me endurance motorcycle riding.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


So damned quick, we didn't even get the banner right; ). Wenatchee on Mission.  Thanks, guys!
#dutchbroscoffee #dutchtreatride #dutchbros 


Edith and Rebbekah at Pine Road, Spokane.  Thanks, ladies!
#dutchbros #dutchtreatride #dutchbroscoffee


Thank you Cam and Lena!  Market St. In Spokane. #dutchtreatride #dutchbros #dutchbros coffee 

Fast roads

Paul had the opportunity to discuss transitional housing with deputies of the Washington County sheriffs office.  


Mike! So sorry I got you in the shadow!!!  DB253 in Payette, ID.  Shelly's House board chair Sonia Hoyt and friend of the House Karen showed up to support the ride. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

W. State St. Boise.

I love the indoor outdoor seating of the store.  Last of the night.  If I had more time I'd enjoy a Basque dinner.

Things I thought I'd never see


Hwy 299.  One of California's great roads.  It runs East- West in the north for the length of the state.  Twisty-turnies West of I-5.  Long, sweeping turns and fast straights on the East.  Happy is happy.  Of course he usually is.

Anderson California

Nine cars in line and two at the walk up window I got here.  There's money in coffee.

Dixon California

Number 250.  Got here just in time for the morning rush.

Fresbros, CA

#249.  I was late and didnt get here for swing shift.  Kelli and Allicin were okay with that.

Friday, May 20, 2016